very simple install script for OpenStack Liberty on Ubuntu 14.04 trusty
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OpenStack Install Script

for PoC


  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Server (amd64)
  • OpenStack: Liberty

These scripts can install...

  • Keystone
  • Glance
  • Nova
  • Neutron

How to Use

Service password and Controller Node's IPaddr is written in each scripts. Please change your environment.

Controller Node

Install Keystone

  1. sudo ./ (Need root privilege)

Install Glance

  1. sudo ./ (Need root privilege)

Install Nova

  1. sudo ./ (Need root privilege)

Install Neutron

  1. sudo ./ (Need root privilege) This script DO NOT configure bridge interfaces of openvswitch.

Compute Node


  • check root privilege
  • env input prompt
  • horizon install script
  • mysql bind-address