Wrapper for the HTML5 (Geolocation Working Group) geolocation API.
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jQuery Geolocation Wrapper

This is a very selfish wrapper for the HTML5 Geolocation API. I wanted to have some portability with the very reusable and boring Geolocation init code. I build almost all desktop websites with jQuery so I figured a plugin would be convenient. I hear there's also a jQuery Mobile?


$.geolocation( { 
    'error-element':'Selector where error msgs go',  
    'err-msg-1':'Message when user denies location access',
    'err-msg-2':'Message when there is a network error',
    'err-msg-3':'Message when connection times out',
    'err-msg':'Message when we don't really know what went wrong',
    'timeout':'Time (ms) until attempts timeout'
}, function( position ) { 
    // Do stuff!
    // position.coords.latitude
    // position.coords.longitude
} );

Default settings for the options can be seen in the source.


There are two other error messages that should be accessible through the options var. Also, maybe allow a error callback. And, maybe some other automated stuff? I dunno, should get useful once I start working with it.