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Create, view and edit terminal colorschemes.
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Design, edit and share terminal colorschemes.



URL Sharing


Share your color scheme by copying the URL.

Import and Export


Uses the termcolors library.

Import from:

  • Xresources
  • Termite
  • iTerm (works best with srgb themes)

Export to:

  • Chrome Secure Shell
  • Gnome Terminal
  • Guake Terminal
  • iTerm
  • Konsole
  • Linux console
  • MinTTY
  • PuTTY
  • Terminator
  • Termite
  • XFCE4 Terminal
  • Xresources

Scheme Browser

Scheme Browser

Load a pre-made color scheme.

The file browser is based on Ranger.

Use hkjl (or arrowkeys) to move and press enter to open a scheme or template.



Templates are like terminal screenshots.

They allow you to see exactly what a color scheme looks like in the terminal.

You can also hover over any text to see what the foreground/background colors are set to.

Create your own templates by using tmux and running the following command:

capture-pane -eJ; save-buffer ~/tmux.txt; delete-buffer



You can currently set the font family, size and line-height.

It cans also use any font on Google Web Fonts. (Just make sure you use the exact same case: Droid Sans Mono but not droid sans mono)



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