Creates a content management system that persists customer data through a password-protected interface; Demo:
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Notes and Unused

Small Business Website With User Accounts

Description of App

This web app allows even a small business to have a content management system that persists the data of its customers through a simple but useful, password-protected interface.

There are a lot of convenient links to make sure customers can navigate the website easily.

Each customer can sign up for a password-validated and bcrypt-encrypted account, log in and log out of their account, edit their contact information including email (used as username) and password, make a new service order with the current date automtically provided, view a new order, edit a new order, view their order history, and delete the current order being made in the same login.

Running the app

To run the app, follow these steps:

  1. Fork and clone this repo.
  2. cd to the directory from the terminal.
  3. In the terminal run bundle install to install all required gems.
  4. Run shotgun to open the app.
  5. Open the local host in your web browser and you will be directed to the index page.
  6. On the index page, start the account process by clicking the link to sign up for an account.

Contributors are welcome to make pull requests for this project.

The license for the code in this app is a GNU General Public License and may be found at this link: (