Simple Java command line client to debug the Java HTTP proxy settings in effect.
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Java Proxy Check

Have you ever had the (mis-)fortune to have to run Java code behind an HTTP proxy? Or worse, having to have to go through a proxy for certain URLs, but not for others? Have you fought the syntax for defining proxy exceptions that differ between OSes and Java?

This tool won't help you fix your config, but it helps you to test things out quickly.


The project uses gradle, a simple gradle build should create the jar in build/libs/javaproxycheck.jar.


A ready-to-run binary compiled with Java 1.7.0_51 is available here:


proxycheck.jar can be run like this:

$ java -jar proxycheck.jar

The output will list the URLs and the selection the system method returns. You can interactively try out the various system properties like so:

$ java -Dhttps.proxyPort=3128 -jar build/libs/javaproxycheck.jar                   [DIRECT]               [HTTP @]

Java Proxy Settings

Java has built-in support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Gnome system proxy settings; on other platforms, you have to run Java programs with appropriate system properties specifying which proxies to use when. See the following documentation: