Practical String Searching
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This is a mirror of my library hosted at

Practical String Searching

There is a huge number of scientific papers on fast, faster and super-fast string searching algorithms. They usually prove theoretical performance in O-Notation and most papers cover memory consumption as well.

However, theoretical performance isn't always the same as practical performance. That's why I always want to measure real-world throughput: this article presents hopefully understandable C implementations of the most common generic string search algorithms.

In addition I also wrote a simple tool called mygrep that prints all lines of a file where a search phrase is found. It doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of the Unix tool grep but achieves similar or sometimes even better speed.



All C functions share the same interface: const char* search(const char* haystack, const char* needle); for strings const char* search(const char* haystack, size_t haystackLength, const char* needle, size_t needleLength); for binary data

More ...

See my website for a live demo, code examples and benchmarks.