A web (html5 canvas) version of the SoundBow project
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SoundBow_JS - a javascript port of the SoundBow drawing sound interface

Soundbow is originally a visual instrument for Android tablet devices. Since it is written in Processing, it is easy to target the open web platform by wrapping the code to Javascript using the canvas and the audio elements. This version is using the ProcessingJS library to draw to the canvas and handle the interactions and the graphic user interface. The sounds are made with web standard audio, should work in all modern browsers. The mouse events are also handled as touch events, should work with all type of mobile platforms with a reasonable browser. Tested on Chrome, Firefox (Desktop), Chrome for Android( on Android the built in default browser has serious canvas performance problems).

The code is licensed under General Public License (GPLv3). Project site: http://www.binaura.net/stc/wrx/soundbow

(c) stc@binaura.net / 2013