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Ada Utility Library

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This Ada05 library contains various utility packages for building Ada05 applications. This includes:

  • A logging framework close to Java log4j framework,
  • Support for properties
  • A serialization/deserialization framework for XML, JSON, CSV
  • Ada beans framework
  • Encoding/decoding framework (Base16, Base64, SHA, HMAC-SHA)
  • A composing stream framework (raw, files, buffers, pipes, sockets)
  • Several concurrency tools (reference counters, counters, pools, fifos, arrays)
  • Process creation and pipes
  • Support for loading shared libraries (on Windows or Unix)
  • HTTP client library on top of CURL or AWS

Ada Util also provides a small test utility library on top of Ahven or AUnit to help in writing unit tests. Ahven is the default testing framework as it provides better reports.


For a detailed description on how you can configure, build and install the library refer to the Installation guide. Otherwise, you can easily configure and build the library with the steps described below.

To use Ahven testing framework, configure and build as follows:


To use AUnit, build with the following commands:

./configure --enable-aunit

The unit tests are built and executed with:

   make test

And unit tests are executed with (256 success, 0 failed):


For the installation, use the following command:

   make install


The samples can be built using:

   gnatmake -Psamples