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dynamo is a command to help developers write an Ada Web Application using the Ada Server Faces and the Ada Database Objects frameworks. dynamo provides several commands to perform one specific task in the development process.

First the create-project command will be used to initiate a new project. The project name is used at this stage to configure the name of the root Ada package for the application.

The add-model command will be used to create a database table mapping file. The database mapping file describes how to map a database table into an Ada record type for the Ada Database Objects framework.

The generate command is then used to build the Ada model files from the database mapping files. At the same time, it generates the SQL database creation schemas for MySQL and SQLite databases.

The add-page command is then used to add web pages for the application. When a new application layout is necessary, the add-layout command can be used.


Version 0.7.1 released on July 2014 is available

  • Fix minor configuration issue with GNAT 2014

Version 0.7.0 released on May 2014 is available

  • New project template to generate Gtk Ada application
  • Register the new module in the application when they are added
  • Update the current testsuite when new tests are added
  • New stereotype <<Limited_Bean>> for Ada bean generation
  • Support for the creation of Debian packages
  • New command add-form and add-module-operation




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Build with the following commands:

... ./configure make ...


Install with the following command:

... sudo make install ...

The default installation will be in /usr/local/bin (which you can change by adding a --prefix=/usr to the configure script).


Dynamo is distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

Dynamo integrates a set of files which comes from the GNU Compiler Collection version 4.6.0, licensed under the GNU GPL v3. These files are located in src/gnat.

The generated code produced by Dynamo is under whatever license your project uses (including proprietary license). Templates that serve for this generation are distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

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