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matl - Memory Analysis Tool Launcher


matl [ -o name ] [ -s host[:port] ] command


matl is a simple memory analysis tool launcher to help in instrumenting the program memory by using the mat(1) application. The launcher sets the LD_PRELOAD environment variable to load the shared library in the program. This library will instrument the memory allocation. The launcher also defines the MAT_SERVER environment variables which is used by to control and activate the memory analysis in the program.

When the environment variables are set, matl launches the program with its arguments.

The information collected by can be saved to a file or directed to the mat(1) server. In that case, the server must be started first.


The following options are recognized by matl:

-o name Instrument the program and write the results in a file. The generated file name will contain the process ID and will use the form name-pid.mat

-s host[:port] Instrument the program by connecting to the mat TCP/IP server. The host and optional port defines the host name or IP address of the host where the mat server is running. The default port is the port 4606. The mat server must be started first.




Written by Stephane Carrez.

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