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Swagger Petstore Ada Client


This Ada client uses the Petstore API to demonstrate how to use the generator and use the generated Ada code. The following files are generated by Swagger Codegen:

  • src/client/
  • src/client/samples-petstore-models.adb
  • src/client/
  • src/client/samples-petstore-clients.adb

The 'Models' package contains the definition of types used by the request or response in the API operations. It also provides operations to serialize and deserialize these objects in JSON, XML or form-based data streams.

The 'Clients' package contains the definition of operations provided by the Petstore API.


To build this sample, you must have installed the GNAT Ada compiler as well the following libraries:

Building the petstore client

Build the petstore client by using the following command:

gprbuild -Ppetstore -p

Using the Swagger Ada code


The HTTP/REST support is provided by Ada Util and encapsulated by Swagger Ada. If you want to use Curl, you should initialize with the following:


But if you want to use AWS, you will initialize with:


After the initialization is done, you will declare a client instance to access the API operations:

   C : Samples.Petstore.Clients.Client_Type;

The 'Client_Type' is the generated type that will implement the operations described in the OpenAPI description file.

And you should initialize the server base URI you want to connect to:

  C.Set_Server ("");

At this stage, you can use the generated operation.

Calling an operation

Let's retrieve some pet information by calling the 'Get_Pet_By_Id' operation. This operation needs an integer as input parameter and returns a 'Pet_Type' object that contains all the pet information. You will first declare the pet instance as follows:

  Pet  : Samples.Petstore.Models.Pet_Type;

And then call the 'Get_Pet_By_Id' operation:

  C.Get_Pet_By_Id (768, Pet);

At this stage, you can access information from the 'Pet' instance:

  Ada.Text_IO.Put_Line ("Id      : " & Swagger.Long'Image (Pet.Id));
  Ada.Text_IO.Put_Line ("Name    : " & Swagger.To_String (Pet.Name));
  Ada.Text_IO.Put_Line ("Status  : " & Swagger.To_String (Pet.Status));