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wilbowma and stchang Fix source location bug
Fix bug where source locations are not preserved when
1. not using stop lists
2. the conclusion of typed-syntax is trivial (a pattern variable).
Latest commit 91ed536 Aug 9, 2019
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macrotypes-lib Track fresh vars for DrRacket check-syntax, closes #89 Jul 29, 2019
macrotypes-test Enhancements to `type-error` form (#85) Jul 2, 2019
macrotypes prune some dependencies Oct 17, 2018
rackunit-macrotypes-lib rackunit/macrotypes: include all type check tests in the count Oct 17, 2018
turnstile-doc turnstile-doc: add documentation for rackunit/turnstile; closes #83 Jul 18, 2019
turnstile-example Correct dependency on typed-racket Jul 26, 2019
turnstile-lib Fix source location bug Aug 12, 2019
turnstile-test turnstile: define define-typed-variable with define-typed-syntax; fixes Jul 1, 2019
turnstile prune some dependencies Oct 17, 2018
.gitignore add .gitignore Sep 21, 2015
.travis.yml travis script: add racket 7.3 Jul 17, 2019 update readme to reflect new pkg organization Nov 21, 2018

macrotypes Build Status Scribble Docs

A Racket language for creating typed embedded DSLs


  1. clone the repo
  2. cd into repo root dir
  3. raco pkg install --auto turnstile/

Alternatively, raco pkg install --auto turnstile installs from the Racket package server

Requires Racket v7.0 or later (with the new expander).


To run the entire test suite: raco test --drdr -p turnstile

Other notes

  • all languages from the paper are in implemented with both Racket syntax (in macrotypes-examples/) and Turnstile syntax (in turnstile-examples/)

  • see macrotypes-examples/macrotypes/examples/ for language reuse information

  • tests are in macrotypes-tests/ and turnstile-tests/ directories

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