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All configurations this repository provided are now deprecated, except gitconfig and XCompose. I've switched from manual configutation to defaults as I find maintaing so much configurations is useless.


Various configuration files for my main system. Take what you like.


Clone into some direcotry

git clone git:// $HOME/dotfiles

Edit config.yml for special options(usernames, passwords, etc...)

cd $HOME/dotfiles
cp config.yml
vi config.yml

use rake task to automatically create symlinks in your $HOME directory

rake install

or link individual dotfiles to their actual location

ln -s $HOME/dotiles/.XCompose $HOME/

optionally, add it for root too

cd $HOME/dotfiles
su -
rake install

updating later is simple

cd $HOME/dotfiles && git pull


Loading .Xsession with LightDM(Ubuntu)

I run a custom X session started by ~/.xsession. On gdm, one can select "run Xclient script" or "Custom Xsession" as the session to launch, which results in that script being run. If you aren't running a graphical login manager, or if you start X directly from an init script, you can create symbolic link between .xsession and .xinitrc to start X by running startx script.

ln -s ~/.xsession ~/.xinitrc

According to launchpad bug report, lightdm still doesn't support ~/.xsession scripts in Ubuntu upstream. To deal with it, you may create /usr/share/xsessions/default.desktop and fill it with something similar to this

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Default Xsession