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This is a simple REST application written in Python, powered by Flask. It's magicness results in managing users with IDs, names and mail addresses - wow such functionality. It also offers a shitty web interface for managing those information. This application is used in a workflow to access an external REST application (link will follow soon). This project is part of a tutorial about developing web applications in python - check it out on my blog.


For using FlaskREST, you will need:

  • Python 2 or 3
  • Flask
  • SQLite3


Simply start the script:

$ ./FlaskREST.py
 * Running on http://localhost:5000/

Hitting CTRL+C will gracefully close the database.

To make FlaskREST listen on other interfaces as well, edit the last lines of code:

#enable if you also like to live dangerously
APP.run(debug=False, host="")

Open http://localhost:5000/ to access the web interface for managing users.

If you want to recreate the demo database, remove it and execute db.py:

$ rm users.db
$ ./db.py

API calls

The API implements the following calls:

Call Method Description
/api/user/0 GET Retrieves all users
/api/user/1 GET Retrieves an user by ID
/api/user POST Creating a new user (parameters using JSON)
/api/user/1 PUT Updates an user (parameters using JSON)
/api/user/1337 DELETE Removes an user by ID
/api/user/0 GET Retrieves an user by ID


Retrieving an user: GET /api/user/1

 "results": [
 "mail": "giertz@shittyrobots.loc",
 "id": 1,
 "name": "Simone Giertz"

Removing an user: DELETE /api/user/2

 "message": "SUCCESS",
 "code": 0