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Perl modules for data mining
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This Perl module provides a degenerated variant of a data frame in R. The names of methods follow mostly ones in R. Only very basic functions are currently implemented.

  • Please read at first. You can also browse it by perldoc:

      $ perldoc Arrow/


  • You can get an overview by executing the perl script This script downloads a well-known Auto.csv and shows how to use

  • Several methods are not explained in the documentation. Please avoid using such a method, because it will substantially be changed.

  • At your own risk.

  • Your feedback is always welcome.

How to use

1. Create Arrow directory and put into it.

├── Arrow
│   └──

2. Add the following line to your script.

use Arrow::DataFrame;

Machine Learning with


  • 2016/05/22 : Arrow::Optimizer, Arrow::PreProcessing, Arrow::LogisticRegression are added.
  • 2016/05/22 : Arrow::LabelEncoder is deleted. (This is integrated in Arrow::PreProcessing)
  • 2016/02/12 : Arrow::LabelEncoder and Arrow::LinearRegression are added
  • 2016/02/11 : Arrow::GroupBy is added
  • 2016/02/10 : the default value of width is set to 8
  • 2016/02/10 : dcast() and melt() are added
  • 2015/12/29 : select() preserves the given order
  • 2015/12/17 : the first commit.
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