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An Airtable, GitHub, and Slack application that helps you manage GitHub issues
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GitHub Issues Bot

This is a Slack + GitHub + Airtable Application, written in Node.js, on Standard Library, that helps you manage issues on GitHub. It sends a message to Slack when a new issue is opened on GitHub. The message will let you add/remove assignees of the issue.

Deploying this Application

You can deploy this Slack App to Standard Library by clicking this button:

You'll be asked to log in and be brought to a screen that looks something like this:

Before you can deploy the app, you need to link you Airtable, GitHub and Slack accounts.


Before you link your Airtable account, you need to create a base for this app. You can make one from a template here. Once you create a copy of the base. Click the Link Resource button. Make sure you choose the base you just created when you are linking your account.


Click the Link Resource button. You'll be asked to install the Build on Standard Library application onto your account, or an organization that you have access to.


Click Link Resource and follow the instructions to build and link a Slack app.

Note: Once deployed, you will still need to create the /add_user command separately in your Slack app dashboard. For the slash command's request URL, enter https://<username>

Creating your add_user Command on Slack

You can create your add_user command by visiting, selecting your app, then clicking Slash commands on the left sidebar.

Click Create Command and fill out your command information. You'll want to use /add_reviewer as the command name and https://<username> as the URL, where <username> is your Standard Library username.

Click Save in the bottom right to proceed.

Note: For your slash command to work, your bot needs to be in the channel its called from. You can invite your bot to a channel by typing @<bot_name>.

Set your Options Load URL

Next click Interactive Components on the left sidebar. Scroll down to "Message Menus" and set the "Options Load URL" to be: https://<username>

Where <username> is your Standard Library username.

That's it, you're all done! Your Slack app should be ready to go.

Thank You!

Please check out Standard Library or follow us on Twitter, @StdLibHQ.

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