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rajsite authored and kgryte committed Aug 7, 2018
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@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ Despite the disadvantages articulated above, this project **does** include Node.
1. [ECMA-262][ecma-262] does not mandate specific algorithms (only recommends `libm`). Accordingly, JavaScript implementors are free to choose any algorithm, which means that numeric computation results often differ across environments. This renders the standard JavaScript Math library not amenable to reproducible computation.
2. [ECMA-262][ecma-262] does not require a minimum [precision][mdn-math]. As a result, JavaScript implementors make non-transparent trade-offs between speed and accuracy, frequently favoring speed above all else. While traditional web applications may not require highly accurate Math results, many numeric computation applications do. And because the implementations are not transparent, debugging accuracy issues in numeric computation applications which use Math built-ins is considerably more difficult.
3. Because built-in Math functions are implementation dependent, numeric computation applications are **not** portable. By creating a set of standard Math implementations, we ensure that results on one platform are reproducible on every other platform.
4. Built-in math functions frequently have bugs (see [docs/][built-in-math-bugs]).
4. Built-in math functions frequently have bugs (see [][built-in-math-bugs]).
5. Built-in math functions are often buried deep in compiler code and written in languages other than JavaScript. By implementing Math functions purely in JavaScript, the hope is that the underlying algorithms are more transparent, approachable, forkable, and debuggable.

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@@ -790,7 +790,7 @@ See the [contributing guide][contributing-guide].




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