Standard Library JavaScript (Web) Bindings
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Standard Library JavaScript (Web) Bindings

Standard Library Setup | Node | Python | Ruby | Web

Basic JavaScript (Web) bindings for Standard Library service accession.

Used to interface with services built using Standard Library and the Standard Library Command Line Tools. You can utilize any service on Standard Library without installing any additional dependencies, and when you've deployed services to Standard Library, you have a pre-built web-based SDK --- for example;

lib.yourUsername.hostStatus({name: 'Dolores Abernathy'}, (err, result) => {

  // handle result


To discover Standard Library services, visit To build a service, get started with the Standard Library CLI tools.


Simply save the lib.js file from this package anywhere in your web project, and link it in the <head> element of an HTML file before any <script>s that require it.

<script src="path/to/lib.js"></script>


Here are some fictional calling examples for a user named user with a "hello world" service, helloWorld, that takes one parameter (named name) and is released to both a dev and release environment (with version 0.1.1).

// Unnamed Parameters
lib.user.helloWorld('world', (err, result) => {});

// Named Parameters
lib.user.helloWorld({name: 'world'}, (err, result) => {});

// Environment Specified
lib.user.helloWorld['@dev']('world', (err, result) => {});

// Release Version (SemVer) Specified
lib.user.helloWorld['@0.1.1']('world', (err, result) => {});

// Promise
  .catch(err => {})
  .then(result => {});

// Async
let hello = await lib.user.helloWorld('world');

// For HTTP header information, use callback-style
lib.user.helloWorld('hello', (err, result, headers) => {});

Additional Information

To learn more about Standard Library, visit or read the Standard Library CLI documentation on GitHub.

You can follow the development team on Twitter, @StdLibHQ

Standard Library is © 2019 Polybit Inc.