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A collection of touch variants for the tailwindcss framework
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Tailwind Touch Plugin

This plugin adds a collection of variants to allow fine grain control over how elements appear on touch and non touch devices, CSS Tricks does a great job of detailing how the underlying media queries work you can read more about this here:


Add this plugin to your project:

# Install via npm
npm install --save-dev tailwindcss-touch


Add the tailwindcss-touch plugin to your plugins key in your tailwind.js config file.

plugins: [

The following variants are currently available:

/* pointer-coarse */
@media (pointer: coarse) { ... } 

/* pointer-fine */
@media (pointer: fine) { ... }

/* pointer-none */
@media (pointer: none) { ... }

/* hover-hover */
@media (hover: hover) { ... }

/* hover-none */
@media (hover: none) { ... }

Enabling a variant on a module is just like enabling any other variant, locate the modules object and add the variants to the module you would like to enable touch capabilites for:

modules: {
    shadows: ['responsive', 'hover', 'focus', 'hover-hover', 'hover-none'],

Once the variant is enabled, using it is just like using any other variant, for example if you have a div which you would like to add a small shadow on touch enabled devices but a large shadow on non touch devices you would do it like so:

<div class="hover-none:shadow-lg hover-hover:shadow">...</div>



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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