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crash features
o simple, straight forward and extensible TLV based protocol
using OpenSSL as transport layer
o IPv6 ready
o man-in-the-middle safe due to its authentication mechanism
which involves the servers public key into the signing process
o supports constant message sizes to avoid traffic analysis and
o no password authentication! and not relying on any system
auth frameworks like PAM
o can run as user
o passive/active connects on both ends with most flexible
local/remote port binding possibilites
o easy to port to embedded systems such as DSL routers
due to small footprint
o quiet/hidden mode for secret administration and take-back
functionality for owned boxes
o trigger-mode via syslog, mail or other files
o embedded/emergency mode to extract all necessary key files
from the running binary
o may be started as a CGI with all above functionality, command
switches passed via query-string
o integrated tcp-wrapper-like D/DoS protection
o intentionally does not leak any infos (except tty sizes)
to the server for example via $ENVIRONMENT variables,
user-names, hostnames or other settings to allow maximum
o supports Perfect Forward Secrecy via DH Kex