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Old school ncurses frontend for reading and sending of opmsg via drops p2p network.


Nevermind the aggressive color; dropsview runs in skeleton mode which means it does not set any colors by itself. You can set your own colors or background images/fading via your terminal emulators' arguments. I just chose the maximum retro feeling.


If you are not familar with opmsg or drops, please read their documents first, as it makes only sense to use dropsview if you have a working opmsg and drops setup. After all, dropsview is a frontend for these, if you dont want to use the commandline interface.

It is particular important that you have set up a robust opmsg install where the personas are properly linked and you dont accidently pump messages into the drops p2p network signed with personas that you mean to keep secret or so.

Note that personas that you have used in opmsg emails before, are no longer anonymous since even when used with drops now, they can always be tracked to belong to that email address that you used in past. The opmsg and drops documents will explain all this. It is not as difficult as it may sound, you just have to be aware of these things.


Should be easy: make.

You should also install the qrencode program, since dropsview can show the persona key as utf8 QR code, if your $EDITOR works with utf8.


Just start ./dropsview and it will list you the personas and messages that you have in your in-queue. Navigate as usual.

Key bindings:

  • f to refresh the menu listing in order to see newly arrived messages or imported personas. You may ask why its not automatically refreshed on message arrival. Thats the case so your workflow is no longer message-driven by others and you can give yourself timeslots for coding. After such schedule, you decide yourself when to accept new messages, by pressing f.
  • v to switch to visual mode which starts the editor. In personas menu you will see the public key to make it easier to copy&paste it for import. In message menu, you will see the decrypted message.
  • b in message menu to also burn the message after reading in visual mode.
  • q in personas menu to start editor with utf8 QR code. You should resize your terminal before, if you want to use this feature. Its meant for quick sharing of persona keys via smartphone messages. Requires webcam and zbarimg (or similar) on the other side. Note that you need to verify the persona id afterwards as usual, and that you may lose anonymity if you send QR codes on channel without end2end encryption.
  • s in personas menu to send a opmsg to this persona and to submit it to the drops p2p

Messages that have already been read, are marked with a R at the beginning inside the menu.