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Exposed IIf function to scripting.

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Davnit committed Apr 6, 2016
1 parent d28aead commit 4b8a2038bb988026bcef7e9a1d578bdc639a6372
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@@ -1570,6 +1570,13 @@ Public Function GetCurrentServerIP()
End If
End Function

'// IIF
'// Returns a different value based on if a statement is true or false.
'// see:
Public Function IIf(ByVal bExpression As Boolean, ByVal vTruePart As Variant, ByVal vFalsePart As Variant) As Variant
IIf = Interaction.IIf(bExpression, vTruePart, vFalsePart)
End Function

'Class_Terminate doesn't run when a UI form is created via a script. I made this sub so the bot's Unload sub can explicitly _
call the code within Class_Terminate to kill all the objects. - FrOzeN
Public Sub Dispose()

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