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Settings form - addProxyBNLS, ProxyMCP, and DisableNews, fix style

* Style/consistency fixes
  - Numeric fields right-aligned
  - Consistently put units after numeric fields (minutes, ms)
  - Consistently put a ":" after the label on fields on the same line
  - Consistently use "Sentence case" for labels
  - Correct the wording of several tooltips
  - Fix several field alignments

* Connection > Advanced:
  - Add "Proxy BNLS" and "Proxy Diablo II Realm" checkboxes
    (Config.ProxyBNLS and Config.ProxyMCP).

* Interface > General:
  - Add "Show StealthBot news on startup" checkbox (Not Config.DisableNews)
  - Change:
    "Do not minimize to the System Tray" > "Always Minimize to System Tray"
    "Disable name autocompletion" > "Enable name autocompletion"
    "Disable channel list name coloring" > "Enable channel list name coloring"
    "Disable prefix box" > "Show prefix box"
    "Disable suffix box" > "Show suffix box"
    Inverts all of the setting values (incidentally all Config settings
    were already inverted except disable prefix/disable suffix).
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nmbook committed Mar 6, 2017
1 parent 3f75ece commit 9d2090c5a360d89e873db06971e0f5b4e3f61e4a
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