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[modEvents] Added bot options to filter extra server messages and mut…

…ual friend alerts.

- Added settings to Interface > General:
  "Show extra server messages" [default: checked]:
    As the tooltip says, when unchecked will filter:
      "You are still marked as away." (when typing while away)
      "No one hears you." (when typing in an empty channel)
      server welcome messages:
        "Welcome to!",
        "This server is hosted by ", and
        "Last Logon: " [this one is redundant with /accountinfo during logon]
      whispers from "# Email Service #"
  "Show mutual friend alerts" [default: checked]:
    When unchecked will filter messages from mutual friends when they change status.
    Note that this may filter specifically worded whispers from a mutual, so is by default on.
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nmbook committed Oct 29, 2017
1 parent 20fddbe commit b32e797e9f7bd0493df017055ad43b6d317deeeb
Showing with 282 additions and 179 deletions.
  1. +24 −0 trunk/clsConfig.cls
  2. +221 −175 trunk/frmSettings.frm
  3. +37 −4 trunk/modEvents.bas
@@ -142,6 +142,8 @@ Private m_UseUTF8 As Boolean
Private m_UrlDetection As Boolean
Private m_ShowOutgoingWhispers As Boolean
Private m_HideWhispersInMain As Boolean
Private m_HideExtraServerAlerts As Boolean
Private m_HideMutualFriendAlerts As Boolean
Private m_TimestampMode As Byte
Private m_ChatFont As String
Private m_ChatFontSize As Integer
@@ -959,6 +961,22 @@ Public Property Let HideWhispersInMain(ByVal sValue As Boolean)
m_HideWhispersInMain = sValue
End Property

Public Property Get HideExtraServerAlerts() As Boolean
HideExtraServerAlerts = m_HideExtraServerAlerts
End Property

Public Property Let HideExtraServerAlerts(ByVal sValue As Boolean)
m_HideExtraServerAlerts = sValue
End Property

Public Property Get HideMutualFriendAlerts() As Boolean
HideMutualFriendAlerts = m_HideMutualFriendAlerts
End Property

Public Property Let HideMutualFriendAlerts(ByVal sValue As Boolean)
m_HideMutualFriendAlerts = sValue
End Property

Public Property Get TimestampMode() As Byte
TimestampMode = m_TimestampMode
End Property
@@ -1801,6 +1819,8 @@ Public Sub Save(Optional ByVal sFilePath As String = vbNullString)
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "DetectURLs", m_UrlDetection
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "ShowOutgoingWhispers", m_ShowOutgoingWhispers
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "HideWhispersInMain", m_HideWhispersInMain
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "HideExtraServerAlerts", m_HideExtraServerAlerts
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "HideMutualFriendAlerts", m_HideMutualFriendAlerts
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "TimestampMode", m_TimestampMode
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "ChatFont", m_ChatFont
WriteSetting SECTION_UI, "ChatSize", m_ChatFontSize
@@ -1998,6 +2018,8 @@ Private Sub LoadDefaults()
m_UrlDetection = True
m_ShowOutgoingWhispers = True
m_HideWhispersInMain = False
m_HideExtraServerAlerts = False
m_HideMutualFriendAlerts = False
m_TimestampMode = 1
m_ChatFont = "Tahoma"
m_ChatFontSize = 10
@@ -2345,6 +2367,8 @@ Private Sub LoadVersion6Config()
m_UrlDetection = ReadSettingB(SECTION_UI, "DetectURLs", m_UrlDetection)
m_ShowOutgoingWhispers = ReadSettingB(SECTION_UI, "ShowOutgoingWhispers", m_ShowOutgoingWhispers)
m_HideWhispersInMain = ReadSettingB(SECTION_UI, "HideWhispersInMain", m_HideWhispersInMain)
m_HideExtraServerAlerts = ReadSettingB(SECTION_UI, "HideExtraServerAlerts", m_HideExtraServerAlerts)
m_HideMutualFriendAlerts = ReadSettingB(SECTION_UI, "HideMutualFriendAlerts", m_HideMutualFriendAlerts)
m_TimestampMode = ReadSettingL(SECTION_UI, "TimestampMode", m_TimestampMode)
m_ChatFont = ReadSetting(SECTION_UI, "ChatFont", m_ChatFont)
m_ChatFontSize = ReadSettingL(SECTION_UI, "ChatSize", m_ChatFontSize)

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