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Realm minor fixes: Locked Realm selector and UI fixes.

* The Realm selector is now allowed to be used (on gateways with multiple realms such as Asia).
* The "Connecting to the Diablo II Realm NAME at IP:PORT..." messages now list the correct realm name (and not the first one the server listed).
* The UI has been adjusted a little for creating characters.
  - Now a label above "Character class" and "Character options" to go with "Character name" sections.
  - The "Expansion" option is lime green, as is the two Expansion-exclusive characters.
  - The sections are now aligned in a three-column layout.
  - Clicking on parts of the window that happen to have text should stop a running auto-logon timer correctly.
  - Tab index adjustments.
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nmbook committed Mar 7, 2017
1 parent deeb55c commit c19249f5b7be0713f53681588f294afbbadb7279
Showing with 116 additions and 76 deletions.
  1. +114 −74 trunk/frmRealm.frm
  2. +1 −1 trunk/modBNCS.bas
  3. +1 −1 trunk/modProxySupport.bas

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