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DBManager fixes: tree loops and misc

* Groups (A) can no longer be added to groups (B) whose parent/ancestor is the initial group (A). This would create a "loop". Only applies to visual loops (i.e. "Primary Group").
* Nodes are not loaded when there is a "loop".
* Fix a possible issue where User, Clan, and Game entries could possibly have the incorrect parent (usually that of a previously added node instead of the correct one).
* When an entry is attempted to be added with the name of an existing entry, select the existing entry after failing.
* GetAccess() and GetAccessGroupWalk() now return their udtGetAccessResponse structures ByRef, allowing for the return to be a boolean success and the integer number of groups found, respectively.
* As such, the DB Manager now lists the number of groups from which the access listed is inherited.
* Some code involving the addition/saving of entries no longer ends up looping through the database twice to first confirm it exists then to get the index to save at. The GetAccess() function can return this index, after all.
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nmbook committed Mar 7, 2017
1 parent 1e4a081 commit c2787ca2dcb44e295e456ed7d9158c1673dbc85a
Showing with 228 additions and 181 deletions.
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