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Channel, Friends, Clan list context menu updates

- Add "Add to Left Send Box" to Friends and Clan lists
- Add "Add to Friends List" to Clan list
- Add "Invite to Clan" to Friends list (it works for mutual friends!)
- All 3 list context menus now more consistently check and disable menu items based on selected user's state (and sometimes our own)
- Now uses "their" WAR3 vs. W3XP-ness for "Web Profile" action on Channel list
- Now uses "their" WAR3 vs. W3XP-ness for "Web Profile" action on Friends list
- "Web Profile" action now correctly finds profiles on Asia/Kalimdor (using "asialadders" subdomain).
- Strip "#" from usernames when doing "Add to Friends List", " Stats", " Profile", and "Web Profile" Channel list actions

- Changed a couple more "magic numbers" that should be SID_* constants (BNCS packet IDs)
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nmbook committed Apr 9, 2016
1 parent 497a88d commit d2a6561faf685caaee33cc70c8fe07e0411761f5
Showing with 294 additions and 204 deletions.
  1. +265 −196 trunk/frmChat.frm
  2. +29 −8 trunk/modOtherCode.bas

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