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@Davnit Davnit released this Apr 28, 2016 · 295 commits to master since this release

This is a beta build with many fixes and improvements.


  • Added support for single-character backup channels (727c683)
  • Fixed horizontal scroll bar on Friends and Clan tab (1b1ff14)
  • D2 realm auto logon will no longer try to choose an expansion character when not using the expansion. (66993f4)
  • Chat will still be entered after realm logon failure (5a30b49)
  • Fixed a bug where input would not be registered when using /r and /rw (1b7eb92)
  • Updated database manager icons (#1, 6cdb74a)
  • Various database manager fixes (6cdb74a)
  • Users who join the channel with the operator flag are now correctly identified (d28aead)
  • Exposed VB6 Interaction functions to scripting: Choose, IIf, Partition, Switch (4b8a203, 9dbbc2c)
  • Improved the display of broadcast messages (98715b1)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when using RetainOldBans, and an operator with a ban on the list left the channel. (de10433)
  • Restored old default banlist behavior. StoreAllBans=False, RetainOldBans=False (86f4e6c)
  • Fixed the display of CHAT and unrecognized product names. (7fc7d5c)
  • Fixed version byte defaults not being correctly set. (44e2544)
  • Removed the "offending line" output for script errors when the line is not known. (48fc2d6)
  • Blizzard representatives and server admins are now identified in join messages. (497a88d)
  • Various user list context menu fixes (d2a6561)
  • Replaced old emulation overrides: ProtocolID, PlatformID, ProductLanguage (6e3612a)
  • News and version bytes are now retrieved asyncronously. (f376582)
  • Fixed a bug where greet messages were always "True" (fab66ca)
  • Added Disband Clan and Make Chieftain functions to clan list context menu. (4af51cd)
  • Fixed saved window positioning (b9d610d)
  • Changed command logging format. Logs now include the command name and arguments (in master.txt) (d28fee6)
  • Improved /sdetail output (e57de70)
  • Added FullName property to clsUserObj, which always returns the absolute name of the user (including their gateway) (37839f1)
  • Fixed bugs with some command arguments being improperly parsed: roll, find (3e642cd)
  • Added time zone to /time command output (6948031)
  • Fixed some WC3 icons (Night elf: druid of the claw and huntress) not being shown correctly. (a7d9158)
  • Added /return command to go back to the channel you were last in. (e2c0854)
  • Added special handling for empty check revision seed strings (#10, f9e0953)
  • Updated user list icons (101da55, 2fe2295)
  • Added support for special flags and their icons (#5, 101da55, 2fe2295)
  • Fixed "use spawn" option always being reset (3d054d4)
  • Display your own stats upon login (23452d5)
  • Fixed friend list updating and made handling more efficient (#12, e74d71f)
  • Made statstring parsing more flexible (a1d8397)
  • Fixed an overflow in the /sdetail command (#3, 65966e2)
  • Made the BNLS finder async (6aece72)
  • Pressing the "Disconnect" button now stops the BNLS finder. (#11, 6aece72)
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