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@Davnit Davnit released this Aug 10, 2016 · 264 commits to master since this release

This is a beta build. Mostly bug fixes.

I could not get the installer to compile correctly but wanted to get this release out anyways so it's ZIP only. You can install by extracting the files from the zip into your install directory and overwriting any duplicates.


  • Fixed Diablo 2 stats being displayed incorrectly (#15)
  • Eliminated unnecessary statstring parsing (9e74423, d496cb9, 235ccd2)
  • Fixed internal /reply commands (r, reply, rw) (#19)
  • User object now references stats object for clan and game properties instead of storing these values separately. (db9d83e)
  • Removed unused parameters from internal events (235ccd2)
  • The Level parameter in the UserJoins event is now correctly set (235ccd2)
  • Enabling void view from the menu now triggers a flag update. (00f34b4)
  • Cleaned up statstring parsing and made meta stat messages ("Open Character", "No stats available", etc) more consistent. (75c513d)
  • Updated icons used in key manager and database product selection forms. (e8fe7e1, 894c6e9)
  • Made icon order on the database product selection form consistent with everything else. (134088c)
  • Fixed installer adding extra files that broke local hashing (#20)
  • Cleaned up product icon parsing (18c589b)
  • Changed tab auto-complete order to use the closest match rather than the first one in the channel list. (#4)
  • Server commands with open arguments (/w, /ban, /kick, /dnd, etc) are no longer split up. (87c496d) The list of commands affected by this can be controlled with the [Emulation] ServerCommandList config setting.
  • ALT+(PGUP, PGDN, HOME, END, INS, N) shortcuts now use normal listview highlighting. (87cc496d)
  • Double-clicking an item in the user list adds that users name to the send box. (946072f)
  • Add BotVars.PublicChannels, which contains the channel list received by the bot when logging in. (64a93de)
  • Event_ChannelList now clears the existing channel list before adding new channels. (64a93de)
  • Leave the chat environment after sending SID_NOTIFYJOIN. This is the same behavior as sending SID_LEAVECHAT. (0f2956e)
  • Possibly fixed Overflow in AddQ() error that has been occurring for the past 8 years. (#6)
  • Fixed output from -showdrops debug option. (652f193)
  • Fixed ProxyIsSocks5 setting not being set correctly. (7b75f09)
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