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@Davnit Davnit released this Dec 9, 2017 · 49 commits to master since this release

This is a beta build with several new features and fixes from the previous version.

For a clean install (no existing StealthBot installation)

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Run the StealthBot Launcher (a shortcut will be placed on your desktop)

To upgrade an existing install

Note: Doing a clean install is recommended. Uninstalling the bot will not cause your profiles to be deleted.

  1. Download the included zip file.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to your bot's install directory (usually in Program Files (x86)\StealthBot 2.7

** The installer will not correctly update an existing installation. **


  • Fixed /reply-like commands being triggered when using other commands. (7fcb7ef)
  • Improve uptime handling and fix overflow (high uptimes are now properly recognized) (7d75f9e)
  • Fix joining default channels (29af098)
  • Improve user data request handling (for profiles and scripting). (80e09ee)
    • Fix Event_KeyReturn not being raised by SSC.RequestProfileKey(). (#23)
    • Add SSC.RequestUserData(accountName, keys()) to scripting. This requests the specified keys for an account, which are returned in Event_UserDataReceived and Event_KeyReturn.
    • Add Event_UserDataReceived(accountName, keys(), values()) to scripting.
  • Update to support's change from using @ to # as a gateway delimiter. (#33) (480b515)
    • Added [Emulation] GatewayDelimeter setting to the config.
  • Improved support for non-English locales. (1748136, b1dde8b, 7614ff5)
  • Improved proxy support (1748136)
    • Add support for SOCKS5 authentication.
    • Proxy can now support BNCS, BNLS, and MCP (realms).
    • Proxy packets now shown in packet events (scripting)
    • New config options (see commit for more details)
  • Add account manager (f591a7a)
    • If login is interrupted for account issues, a window is displayed allowing changes to be made without reconnecting.
    • Add support for changing password and email address during login.
    • Account manager can be accessed from the menu Bot -> Account Manager
    • New config options (see commit for more details)
  • Improved Diablo 2 realm support (8d46458, c19249f)
  • Updated and reorganized settings form (9d2090c, eeff7e4, dcedf0a, ba92654, 82c0dcc, 8f7a146)
  • Fixed several bugs with the user database manager. (c2787ca, 70d3b29, 111c705, 955f100, e8dc645, 5c0a16f)
  • Fixed overflow in AddQ(). (#6) (4ceebbd, f65063b)
  • Email registration form now allows you to save the email for use with other accounts. (286f4b8)
  • Disabled profile editing while offline (739f987)
  • Fixed UI bugs / inconsistencies (72e7c24, b98b182, ba92654, 111c705, f1203e1, 49fdc48, 3a2d38f, c9d950e, 3972472, 21612e8, 66c3bfa, 13e6c53, e8b6f96)
  • Overhaul internal user database system (fixes #39) (3142722, 101cd1e, acfc10a)
    • Exposed new database object to scripting through SSC.GetDatabase()
  • Fixed issues with several commands (#37 #40, #41, #44) (3142722, 02dd5b1, 8be01ef, fc1ba3f, 266c7a6)
    • Add default response for command restriction violations. (#38) (7e20be)
  • Include packet header in Event_PacketSent's data field (#46) (6671aa8)
    • This might break some scripts that rely on it being there... but it makes it consistent with the behavior found in Event_PacketReceived.
  • Overhauled command manager UI (a3799b1)
  • Added more variable replacements in greet messages: %botup, etc (82c0dcc)
  • Improved chat filtering (3c4f06a, be75319)
    • Events are no longer hidden from blocked users when filtering is disabled.
  • Improved clan invite handling (9559883)
  • Improved friends list handling (bb686e9, 796073f, 1abfaf5, 5e9ecdd, 9136cde)
  • Improved version check system handling (5464d24, f63aeda)
  • Removed CD key requirement for the StarCraft product. (7292379)
    • StarCraft is still not supported by this build on official servers.
  • Improved handling of UTF8 and Unicode strings. (4b4e8ec, 0a7222b, d6cdbe2, 0e1edc3, 2802289)
  • Fixed ban/kick reasons being improperly processed. (20fddbe)
  • Added option to hide duplicate or unimportant server messages. (b32e797)
  • Improved user event handling (f61bcf3)
    • Improved consistency between normal chat, emotes, and whispers.
    • Chat filters are now UI only. Events from filtered users are still passed to scripting.
    • Votes are now recognized from emotes.
  • Improved auto reconnect system (f22dd10)
    • There are now 3 reconnect strategies.
      • Do not attempt to reconnect
      • Reconnect at a constant rate (once every X seconds)
      • Reconnect at a slowly decreasing rate (with a max value)
    • There is now different reconnect handling depending on the reason for the disconnect.
    • Added Event_ConnectionError(Protocol, Number, Description) to scripting.
  • Display script name and status in the /help response for commands provided by scripts. (2f9732d)
  • Script related commands (/scriptdetail, /enable, /disable, etc) now use startswith() searching. (ex: "/disable uni" will disable the first script starting with "uni") (2f9732d)
  • Hide disabled commands from /helpattr and /helprank commands. (2f9732d)
  • Added [Scripting] ScriptViewerArgs config setting. (bde1375)
    • Use this to set command-line arguments for your chosen script viewer. (ex: setting this to "-lvb" for Notepad++ will cause it to open with the language set to Visual Basic even for .txt files)
  • Add Config.SetFilePath() method to set file path overrides. (e4f17e2)
  • Move Colors.sclf to Colors.ini (7c2266f)
    • Colors are now stored in a human-readable format rather than a binary format.
    • The color system is now more easily expandable.
  • Various internal scripting enhancements. (20e7ad8, 90fce72)
  • Improved custom packet sending from scripts using the DataBufferEx() object. (432c910)
  • SSC.GetCurrentServerIP() now returns the server's IP when connected through a proxy. (c974521)
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