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@Davnit Davnit released this Oct 20, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

This is a beta build with mostly bug fixes from the previous version.

For a clean install (no existing StealthBot installation)

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Run the StealthBot Launcher (a shortcut will be placed on your desktop)

To upgrade an existing install

Note: Doing a clean install is recommended. Uninstalling the bot will not cause your profiles to be deleted.

  1. Download the included zip file.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to your bot's install directory (usually in Program Files (x86)\StealthBot 2.7
  3. Confirm yes to overwrite any files.

** The installer will not correctly update an existing installation. **


  • Fix problems with function signatures, resolving some scripting bugs. (9e1c7fa)
  • Fix veto'ing Event_PressedEnter (302caf2)
  • Improve handling of multi-line pastes. They are now passed line-by-line through command processing and scripting events. (302caf2)
  • Fix issues with RTB scrolling (302caf2)
  • Fix inconsistent behavior with closing the bot vs /quit command. (302caf2)
  • Fix overflow in idle timer. The maximum idle timer time is now over 19 years rather than 546 minutes. (c51819a)
  • Restore default channel protection message. (33c672a)
  • Improved void-view handling. Void-view no longer works on official servers but these changes were made before that happened. The changes still have a positive performance effect on the rest of the packet handling as well. (f1003c0, 7d1e87d, 83d33be)
  • Add configurable channel list cap to channel list in config under UI -> MaxUserlist. Default value is 255, which is the new maximum allowed by Blizzard. The internal channel list is not affected by this cap, only the visible one in the UI. (7f04156)
  • Fix lag icons so they aren't cropped and adjust the ranges. (e9d84e3, f58525c, e7e9e63)
  • Change misleading BNLS failure message (100fbfe)
  • Remove the old beta auth system, which is no longer needed since we are in open beta. (9f6b142, #57).
  • Add menu item to open the install folder, which can be helpful for manually installing updates. (feb7277)
  • Fix clan object properties not being copied, resulting in incorrect values passed to scripting. (301e0d5)
  • Fix problems with the phrase ban system (18568dc, 81065b2, bd75fc1, #59)
  • Improved phantom user handling. If a user joins or we receive a presence event for them and they're already in the channel, the older copy is assumed to be a phantom and quietly removed. A notice will be displayed once per channel visit when this happens. (d2bcdbd, 42ccdfe)
  • Add CheckChatFilter(message, [user]) function to SSC. This returns TRUE if the specified message or user would be filtered from display in the UI, even if the filtering system is disabled. (3c5a5f5)
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