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@Davnit Davnit released this Jan 17, 2019

This is a hotfix for the new Diablo 2 update. To use:

  • Download
  • Open your bot's install folder (this is usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\StealthBot 2.7 but you can find it by opening the Bot menu, going to View Files and then Open Bot Folder).
  • Extract the StealthBot v.2.7.exe from the and copy it into the bot's install folder. You may be prompted to confirm administrator credentials, and you'll need to do so.
  • Open your bot and make sure it says "D2 Hotfix" in the title bar at the top.
  • Set your BNLS server to
  • You should now be able to connect.

Also includes the fix for /shitadd and related flag-based wrapper commands. (dfd0dee)

The actual fix for the update is on the BNLS side this release only makes StealthBot compatible with it.

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