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This directory contains AWS, Chef and Vagrant scripts/recipes/templates to spin up Kafka-broker nodes.


usage: minotaur lab deploy kafka [-h] -e ENVIRONMENT -d DEPLOYMENT -r
                                 REGION -z AVAILABILITY_ZONE [-n NUM_NODES]
                                 [-i INSTANCE_TYPE] [-v ZK_VERSION]
                                 [-k KAFKA_URL]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        CloudFormation environment to deploy to
  -d DEPLOYMENT, --deployment DEPLOYMENT
                        Unique name for the deployment
  -r REGION, --region REGION
                        Geographic area to deploy to
                        Isolated location to deploy to
  -n NUM_NODES, --num-nodes NUM_NODES
                        Number of instances to deploy
  -i INSTANCE_TYPE, --instance-type INSTANCE_TYPE
                        AWS EC2 instance type to deploy
  -v ZK_VERSION, --zk-version ZK_VERSION
                        The Zookeeper version to deploy
  -k KAFKA_URL, --kafka-url KAFKA_URL
                        The Kafka URL

Mandatory arguments:

<environment> - name of the CloudFormation environment.

<deployment> - this term/option is used to logically separate groups of nodes within environment. Nodes that belong to different deployments won't interact with each other.

<region> - geographic area to deploy to.

<availability zone> - isolated location to deploy to.

Optional arguments:

[number of instances] defaults to 1

[instances flavor] defaults to m1.small

[source url] defaults to


./minotaur lab deploy kafka -e bdoss-dev -d testing -r us-east-1 -z us-east-1a -k -n 3 -i m1.small - this will spin up 3 kafka-broker nodes in "testing" deployment.

NOTICE: If you're deploying a cluster - make sure that a separate Zookeeper node is running in the same environment and deployment.

During spin-up procedure, each Kafka node will try to reveal all Zookeeper nodes running in the same environment+deployment and will configure itself against them.

If no Zookeeper(s) found - each Kafka node will install Zookeeper locally and will rely on it.

If you want to remove your deployment - just delete a corresponding CloudFormation stack in AWS Web Console.