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Flow, Compositing, Components, Services, Live CMS plus more for cloud enabled PHP applications. Soon coming to Java/Droid, C++, C# and others.

Approach is a life-oriented, organic architecture for software.

Approach has been made with the helpful review of many passing developers who had worked with on partnership projects with over 50 different companies and non-profits. Due to constant contributions from FlipSide Technologies and the original author's involvement, many developers freely contributed to a past proprietary version of Approach.

Thanks to all developers who have contributed until now and in the future.

Much of Approach has been dissected and systematically deleted to allow re-implementation of features at intuitive levels delivering a new breed of user, developer, computer and organization friendly workflows all at once.

Competing paradigms:

  • Proceedural (considered oldie but a goodie)
  • Object Oriented
  • Dataflow Oriented & Flow Driven
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Event Driven / Asynchronous
  • Parallell Programming is in and out of all of these
  • Recursion Oriented (I'm lookin' at you, LISPs)
  • Component Oriented
  • More being made all the time

Approach allows you to write applications using any mixture of these methods you like, or none at all. Well, excepting procedural since all code practically boils down to procedures somewhere.

Approach has an architecture that is collapsible, replaceable, reverse-nesting capable, and embedding-capable. It enables and does not orient. Organic systems only orient locally, and this is at the heart of Approach.

We have an architecture for
Mod-packs which change the nature of core functionality.
Plugins, which are Components that can track design and functionality dependencies very easily and are very easy to make.
Addons - Similar to normal libraries but on the organic side of your app
Display Units - Semi-static, Configurable Renderables
Flow - Elegantly chained, multi-directional user, service, system interactions. Build services, use them with CSS or progressively more custom methods!

There's alot done and alot more to do!


Flow, Compositing, Components, Services, Live CMS, XML, Datasources, Templating




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