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Forum about coding for Steam on JS

The goal of this forum is to create a place where people can discuss developing Steam-related applications, using Steam Web API in JS, and various Steam-related JS libs.

If you have trouble using any of Steam-related module for Node.js, this repo's Issues is the best place to ask for help. Please, be considerate, don't expect that anyone will code everything for you. If you are unsure if you found a bug or not, it is also better to ask here first.

Please check the guidelines before creating an issue.

Learn JavaScript

If you have trouble understanding READMEs or examples of modules, perhaps you don't know JavaScript good enough. JavaScript is a language decievably easy to start with, but many (especially client-side) programmers rarely use it to its full potential. However, Node.js programming actually requires to understand and use most of the JavaScript techniques. So, learn! It is well worth your time.

Another great way to learn JS and Node.js-related stuff is NodeSchool. Check it out!

"...I've downloaded this bot and it doesn't work..."

Sorry, this is not a support forum.

Useful links

Steam related modules for Node.js

Everything you need to know about Escrow (Trade Hold) and Mobile Auth