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Quests is a MacOS tool for managing Issues and PRs that lives in your menu bar.


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Quests: Issue and PR tracking in your menu bar

Quests supports dark mode and light mode!

Quests is a MacOS tool written in Swift for versions 10.14 and up designed to track issue and PR status in your menu bar. It currently works with GitHub, GitLab and JIRA and is available on the Mac App Store.


Please read our Contributing Guide for more information about contributing code or reporting issues.

Using XCode 12 is encouraged, remember to open Quests.xcworkspace rather than Quests.xcodeproj.

Cloning/Building Locally

  1. Install or update to the latest version of Bundler with:
gem install bundler
  1. In the project root directory, install the dependencies specified in the Gemfile.
bundle install
  1. In the project root directory, install dependencies specified in the Podfile.
bundle exec pod install --repo-update

There seems to be some issues with Apollo-iOS and outdated version of NPM that will prevent people from building Quests locally.

Since Apollo relies on NPM to download and run some code generation tools, you'll need to update NPM. If that doesn't work, you'll need to install the Apollo CLI tools globally (npm install -g apollo). Running pod install when you first download the app may help as well.


We use SwiftLint to encourage a common style of code. While the app should build and work without it, if you intend on submitting a PR it should not generate any new warnings or errors.


Quests is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.


Quests is a MacOS tool for managing Issues and PRs that lives in your menu bar.



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