VSLint is a command line utility used for detecting inconsistencies in Visual Studio project files.
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VSLint is a command line tool used for detecting inconsistencies in Visual Studio project files.


Currently VSLint scans for these issues:

  • Duplicate references
  • Missing files
  • Files that exist on disk but are not included in the project

It will also try to locate .gitignore and .hgignore files and use them to try to avoid false positives.


Due to the complexity VSLint will not parse conditional includes or targets files.

Complex .gitignore GLOBs may not be parsed properly, internally GLOBs are converted to regular expressions with a pretty naive implementation that works in most cases. For example, negated patterns are not honored.

Command line usage

> vslint --help
vslint, a tool for detecting inconsistencies in Visual Studio project files
Usage: vslint [options..] path [path2 path3 ..]

-h, --help              Prints this help message
-m, --machine-readable  Print results in an alternate machine readable format
-v, --verbose           Lists scanned projects even if no issues are found
-q, --quiet             Quiet unless issues are found

> vslint -v
Project .\vslint\vslint.fsproj
  no issues

Project .\vslint.Tests\vslint.Tests.fsproj
  no issues

Found 0 issues

Use as Mercurial commit hook

VSLint can be used as a pre commit hook in Mercurial to prevent commits with errors in project files that may, for instance, arise in auto merges.

Simply add vslint.exe to your path and add the following to your hgrc.

precommit =
precommit.vslint = vslint

Ignored files and folders

Even if you don't have a .gitignore or .hgignore some files and folders are ignored by default.


  • .git
  • .hg
  • .svn
  • bin
  • obj
  • packages


  • .gitignore
  • .hgignore
  • .sln
  • .csproj
  • .fsproj
  • .vbproj
  • .targets
  • .suo
  • .user
  • .orig


If you have additional files that should be ignored you may add a file named .vslintignore with one regular expression per line.

Lines starting with # are comments, empty lines are ignored.


# Ignore powershell files

# Ignore ReSharper files