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Using Python to play a better game of Words with Friends

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I'm awful at Words with Friends and less awful at programming so here's an attempt to 'solve' Words with Friends type problems using Python.

What is this?

  • A words with Friends dictionary including points per letter.
  • Python class suitable for interactive use while playing a game of Words with Friends or Scrabble. Includes: - method to find words beginning with a given prefix - method to find words ending with a given suffix - method to find anagrams given a set of letters (including wildcards)


Currently I haven't tried to track and solve an entire WWFs board although that is clearly the next step.

Better queries like:
  • "find me all words I could spell with hand 'ielrenn' that are prefixed with q, t, a, or l"
  • "find all words I can spell with hand 'ielrenn' that contain r"
  • "find all words that I can spell with 'ielrenn' that are suffixed with '*'"

I'm also looking into exposing a simple a web interface so that I can share any advantages with my opponents.

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