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Joan Josep Ordinas Rosa edited this page Mar 14, 2019 · 24 revisions

This wiki provides supplementary documentation about jq.

If you want to learn to use jq, please head to the jq home page. There you will find an overview, a tutorial, and a manual. Here you will find a different manual, the jq Language Description that we hope to eventually replace the original manual with.

The supplementary documentation on this wiki is currently structured as the Sidebar menu (shown at the bottom in small screens) presents. For newcomers the following pages are a good start point:

Users should also peruse the Pitfalls page.

As a rule, the documentation here follows the convention that:

  • official releases are referred to in the m.n format (e.g. 1.3, 1.4);
  • a version number such as 1.4+ means a (sufficiently recent) version after 1.4.

This wiki is currently open for editing by anyone with a GitHub login. Welcome!

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