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@@ -10,8 +10,23 @@ Actor model which has been tested up to tens of millions of actors.
To use any of this stuff, you'll need my modified version of the LLVM
compiler (see, and my patched version of the
-Clang C/C++ compiler (you'll need to apply clang.patch from this repo
+Clang C/C++ compiler (
-This is a big ugly code-dump at the moment. I'll clean up the repo as
-soon as the paper's written (promise!).
+This is a big ugly code-dump at the moment. I'll clean up the repo
+sometime... promise! (kinda).
+Setting up a build environment:
+git clone
+{ cd llvm/tools; git clone; }
+{ cd llvm; ./configure && make; }
+After you clone this repo, you'll need to modify LLVM_BINDIR at the
+top of the Makefile and run "make plat=x86_64". If you're running on
+PowerPC you'll need to have an SSH-able PPC host set up, and fiddle
+with Makefile a bit (good luck, it's a mess).
+fiber2.cpp is a good place to start hacking, it has examples of most
+of the library's features. yield.cpp is simpler, it might be a better
+testcase to determine whether clang's working.
2 yield.cpp
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ void f2(){
int main(){
- f2();
+ f();
template over types

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