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# Handles directly talking to the LDAP server
# including binding, authentication and so on
import pwd as mod_pwd, os, getpass
import ldap, ldapurl, ldap.sasl
from ldaplogging import *
uidfmt = "uid=%s,ou=User,dc=netsoc,dc=tcd,dc=ie"
_ldap_conn = None
def ldap_connect(dn = None, pwd = None, host = None):
# '''Connects to LDAP. The connection is cached.
# If uid is not None, it is taken as the user to connect as,
# otherwise it chooses the current user. If password is None, it
# will attempt to connect first without a password and if that fails
# it will try to read a password from the terminal
# '''
# global _ldap_conn
# if uid is None and pwd is None and _ldap_conn is not None:
# return _ldap_conn
# if uid is None:
# dn = ldap_myself()
# else:
# dn = ldap_byuid(uid)
# l = _ldap_conn
# l.simple_bind_s(dn, pwd)
# return l
global _ldap_conn
if dn is None:
# if no DN is specified, we try ldapi first
l = ldap.initialize("ldapi:///")
l.sasl_interactive_bind_s("", ldap.sasl.external())
# then try the host called "ldapmaster"
l = ldap.initialize("ldap://ldapmaster")
uid = mod_pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid())[0]
passwd = getpass.getpass()
l.simple_bind_s(uidfmt % uid, passwd)
if host is None: host = ""
l = ldap.initialize(str(ldapurl.LDAPUrl(host)))
l.simple_bind_s(dn, pwd)
_ldap_conn = l
return l
def with_ldap_connection(f):
def func(*args, **kwargs):
global _ldap_conn
if _ldap_conn is None:
return f(_ldap_conn, *args, **kwargs)
except ldap.SERVER_DOWN:
return f(_ldap_conn, *args, **kwargs)
func.__name__ = f.__name__
func.__doc__ = f.__doc__
return func
def search(l, base, scope, filter, attrlist=None):
if filter is None:
filter = "(objectClass=*)"
ldebug("Searching in %s for %s" % (base,filter))
return l.search_s(base, scope, filter, attrlist)
def add(l, dn, modlist):
ldebug("Adding %s" % modlist)
l.add_s(dn, modlist)
def delete(l, dn):
def modify(l, dn, modlist):
ldebug("Modifying %s: %s" % (dn,modlist))
l.modify_s(dn, modlist)
def modrdn(l, dn, newrdn):
ldebug("Renaming %s" % dn)
l.rename_s(dn, newrdn)
def passwd(l, dn, oldpw, newpw):
ldebug("Changing password for %s" % dn)
l.passwd_s(dn, oldpw, newpw)
def whoami(l):
return l.whoami_s()