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Arkanoid is my take on the classic Nintendo Breakout game.

Arkanoid Screenshot

TO RUN THIS ON A MAC: Run (a DOS emulator), import the Arkanoid directory as a game, and then run arka.exe.

Arkanoid - by Philip Brocoum circa 1998

I'm sure we all know the classic game of Arkanoid, also known as Breakout. You have a paddle and you hit the ball at the row of bricks above you. When you clear the bricks you move on to the next level. Meanwhile, every once in a while a powerup will fall from a brick that you hit and you can get cool stuff. A very classic game.

Just run arka.exe to play the game. You can play it straight from the disk if you want.

Anyhow, the rules: hit the left mouse button to start the game and to start a new ball after death. move your paddle with the mouse. the game is over when you run out of lives. the X button quits the game. the info bar with score, level, and lives is at the top of the screen. (my personal top score is 98574 on lvl 9, see if you can beat that) the level is over when you clear all blocks except the last five (because I know that clearing those last five can be a pain in the ass hehe)

every once in a while you can get a powerup capsule. hit the capsule with your paddle and you will engage the powerup. some powerups are timed. the powerups are as follows:

Sticky Paddle: the ball sticks to the paddle. hit the left mouse button to release it. Fastball: the ball speeds up. Lasers: press the left mouse button to fire lasers that destroy blocks. note: VERY AWESOME and VERY POWERFUL =) Long Paddle: doubles the size of your paddle. Extra Lives: gives you extra lives. Teleport: teleports the ball to the top of the screen. (ie. above the row of blocks so it bounces around for a long time before coming down) More Score: adds a bonus to your score. Warp: warps you to the next level. Control: the ball moves wherever your paddle moves. note: VERY AWESOME and VERY POWERFUL =)

And that is the long and short of it. The *.bmp files are the graphics for the game. The arka.exe file is the executable to run the game. The arka.c file is the source code. check it out to see how the game works. The arka.o is the object file if you want to link it to something for some reason. The readme.txt file is what you are reading now.

There are many bugs in the game. When you play the game you will notice that the collision detection is very rudimentary. But I still think it's a fairly enjoyable game =)



My take on the classic Nintendo Breakout game.






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