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A python program to help you binge watch smarter by only listing the best episodes of TV shows (UPDATE: now live at

I use the website GraphTV frequently to get a quick insight if a TV show is getting better or worse over the course of a season. GraphTV plots the IMDb user ratings for every episode and then performs a linear regression of the episode rating on the episode number to make a trend line. I have personally found that watching only the shows above the trend line means I just watch the good episodes and skip the bad ones (i.e. the ones below the trend line). I also wanted a good reason to use OMDb API

Of course this will only work for TV shows where you can just watch a few episodes here and there and not for shows like the greatest show ever


Show the best episodes of Golden Girls Season 4:

$python -url -key your_omdb_file.txt -s 4

Season Episode Name Residual
4 1 Yes, We Have No Havanas 0.215385
4 6 Sophia's Wedding: Part 1 0.127692
4 9 Scared Straight 0.695077
4 11 The Auction 0.340000
4 14 Love Me Tender 0.307385
4 15 Valentine's Day 0.829846
4 19 Till Death Do We Volley 0.519692
4 20 High Anxiety 0.442154
4 22 Sophia's Choice 0.187077
4 23 Rites of Spring 0.709538
4 24 Foreign Exchange 0.532000

Show the highest-rated episode ever of MacGuyver:

$python -url -key your_omdb_file.txt -b

Season Episode Name Residual
7 3 Obsessed 1.060922

Show the top ten best episodes of The Simpsons:

$python -url -key your_omdb_file.txt -tt

Season Episode Name Residual
27 9 Barthood 1.671316
23 9 Holidays of Future Passed 1.349520
12 18 Trilogy of Error 1.318788
30 10 'Tis the 30th Season 1.262113
19 9 Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind 1.196692
26 6 Simpsorama 1.195991
31 5 Gorillas on the Mast 1.183386
8 23 Homer's Enemy 1.168615
18 21 24 Minutes 1.036194
4 17 Last Exit to Springfield 0.898918


Don't binge on all the shows, instead just binge on the best ones






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