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Recoverable Emergency Kerbal Transport
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Recoverable Emergency Kerbal Transport

This is primarly a Parts Mod to the Kerbal Space Program computer game. It features a few compact pods and some supporting fixtures desgined to prolong the life expectancy of your Kerbals should your mission suddenly be doomed to failure!

It is not finsihed yet...

Please note it is still in BETA and feedback is welcomed. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use this mod with the following mods:

  • IndicatorLights
  • Landertron
  • Raster Prop Monitor
  • DeepFreeze

N.B. None of these are dependencies and the Mod has been designed as a standalone. Module Manager is required for the implementation of supporting mods Modules but not for REKT if operating as a standalone.

LinuxGuruGamer's RetractableLiftingSurface plugin is utilised by the OTAV parts, this comes bundled but is not required if you do not wish to use the OTAV parts.

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