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Swift autocomplete provider
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Autocomplete package for Swift using SourceKittenDaemon. Made possible by the testing done by @memorion.


To use this package, You must have SourceKittenDaemon installed. Please note it is different from SourceKitten.

After you have installed it, you can install this package either from the settings view or CLI with

apm install autocomplete-swift

Usage Instructions

Make sure you have the bin of SourceKittenDaemon in your $PATH. If you changed your PATH recently, make sure to restart Atom or restart the terminal and start Atom from that terminal.

Debugging Instructions

If you are having trouble using this package or don't see any errors, check Atom's developer console for any messages. You can toggle it by invoking Window: Toggle Dev Tools from the command pellete or View->Developer->Toggle Developer Tools from the top bar.


MIT License © steelbrain

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