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Executable finite state machine for .NET.

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State.js provides a hierarchical state machine capable of managing orthogonal regions; a variety of pseudo state kinds are implemented including initial, shallow & deep history, choice, junction and entry & exit points.

State.cs is a C# implementation of a state machine library that largely follows UML 2 state machine semantics. Given the need to make this an executable model, there are certain features that are not supported, please read UML compliance for more information.


The versions are in the form {major}.{minor}.{build}

  • Major changes introduce significant new behaviour and will update the public API.
  • Minor changes introduce features, bug fixes, etc, but note that they also may break the public API.
  • Build changes can introduce features, though usually are fixes and performance enhancements; these will never break the public API.


Documentation for the v5 release is underway...

Please see API documentation for documentation on the v4.x code base.

Building state.cs

Simply add all the .cs files and the resources to an existing or new assembly. That's it...


If you're using state.cs, please drop me a mail; I'd love to hear about how this is getting used...


state.cs is dual licenced under The MIT License (MIT) and GPL v3

Copyright (c) 2014 Steelbreeze Limited