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Steeltoe Initializr - .NET Microservices Templates
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Steeltoe Initializr

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Steeltoe Initializr provides an extensible API to generate quickstart projects. It provides a simple web UI to configure the project to generate and endpoints that you can use via plain HTTP.

Steeltoe Initializr also exposes an endpoint that serves its metadata in a well-known format to allow third-party clients to provide the necessary assistance.

How to use


You can see a demo of app running on Pivotal Web Services.

The Web UI allows you to quickly generate a CSharp project with your choice of dependencies



curl -d dependencies=actuators,cloudfoundry -o


curl -d dependencies=actuators,cloudfoundry -d templateShortName=react -d projectName=MyCompany.MySample -o

To get a list of dependencies:


To get a list of valid templates:


Dotnet templates

Install the Steeloe Templates

dotnet new -i steeltoe.templates::2.2.1 --nuget-source

Generate project

dotnet new Steeltoe-WebApi --Actuators --CloudFoundry


Clone and cd into repo and :

    dotnet test 
    cd src 
    dotnet run
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