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Steeltoe Tooling

Table of Contents

Build Status


Tools for Steeltoe Developers.

The goal of this project is to provide tools to assist Steeltoe Developers. The current focus is an API and CLI to help with deploying Steeltoe Applications and dependent services to Cloud Foundry and Docker.

Subsequent goals include:

  • a Visual Studio plugin leveraging the API

  • plugins for other IDES, such as Visual Studio Code and JetBrains Riser

  • Visual Studio/DotNET templates

Quick Start

In this Quick Start, you’ll install the Steeloe Tooling CLI and use it to deploy a sample SteeltoeOSS project to Docker.

install Steeltoe Tooling CLI and check version
$ dotnet tool install --global --version 1.0.0-m1 Steeltoe.Cli
$ st --version
checkout Steeltoe Samples and navigate to the SimpleCloudFoundry project
$ git clone
$ cd Samples/Configuration/src/AspDotNetCore/SimpleCloudFoundry
add Steeltoe Tooling to project
$ st init
Initialized Steeltoe Developer Tools
add application and config-server to deployment configuration
$ st add config-server myConfigServer
Added config-server service 'myConfigServer'

$ st add app SimpleCloudFoundry
Added app 'SimpleCloudFoundry'
target Docker for deployment
$ st target docker
Docker ... Docker version 18.09.1, build 4c52b90
Docker host OS ... Docker for Mac
Docker container OS ... linux
Target set to 'docker'
$ st deploy
Deploying service 'myConfigServer'
Deploying app 'SimpleCloudFoundry'
check status, then navigate to application
$ st status
myConfigServer online
SimpleCloudFoundry online
$ st undeploy
Undeploying app 'SimpleCloudFoundry'
Undeploying service 'myConfigServer'
deploy to Cloud Foundry
$ st target cloud-foundry
Cloud Foundry ... cf version 6.46.0+29d6257f1.2019-07-09
logged into Cloud Foundry ... yes
Target set to 'cloud-foundry'

$ st deploy
deploy to Kubernetes
$ eval $(minikube docker-env)  # if using minikube's Docker

$ st target kubernetes
Kubernetes ... kubectl client version 1.15, server version 1.15
current context ... minikube
Target set to 'kubernetes'

$ st deploy

Further Reading

See Steeltoe Tooling Documentation for more user and developer information.

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