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### Version 1.4
* Compatibility with JMeter 2.6 (no backwards compatibility)
### Version 1.3
* Gracefully handle sending actual ASObjects (Thanks jaisingh)
### Version 1.2
* Build process cleanup
* Resolved issue with the AMF proxy being unable to sample command messages
### Version 1.1
* Store response as XML in a variable for assertion and post-processing.
### Version 1.0
* Better XML editing.
* AMF rendering of response in the View Results Tree listener.
* More robust unmarshall of AMF. Provide your own remoting classes for the most reliable translation.
* Option to record think time (delay between samples) when using the proxy. A delay node will be added that pauses the sample before it is executed.
### Version 0.9.1
* Automatically switch between AMF and HTTP samplers based on content type.
* Custom converter for ASObject. This is not backwards compatible but future changes to the converter will be versioned.
### Version 0.9
* Initial public release.
* Plugin is usable at this stage, but needs testing to be considered stable.
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