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Created for the REACT.JS facebook group Project Challenge. Taps into the Edamam api. Uses create-react-app and styled components.
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Recipe App - Project Challenge


REACT.JS Facebook Group

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  1. Use the Edamam api to create a recipie search app.

  2. Before staring with create-react-app you will need to make an account and create an app on their website. It's free! They will give you an App ID and an APP Key, which will let you make the requests to their API.

  3. Part of the challenge will be following their documentation to fetch the data from their API, so it's up to you to read and learn it.

  4. There are many options of the type of data you can return, so it would be easy to make a unique variation of this app. My theme was the Dinner Hunt!

  5. How you choose to fetch and display the data you get is up to you, make it unique and make it your own!

Good Luck!

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